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Prisoners of War at Fort Bowie Outpost on Chiricahua Land 1886 "Apache Nde Nation"


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Chiricahua Apache Nde Nation

We are the land - this is Nde Land, it will always be Apache Lands. Social Pow Wow at Silver City are at the planning stage contact New Mexico office with your support. Land base recovery remains a priority as part of our cultural emergence. We will assist our relatives in helping bring about community water filtration to improve healthy conditions in under served regions. Look for updates here and where you might participate or pledge your interest.

The Chiricahua Apache Nation a self-sufficient community with a 501c3 Non-profit organization as well as other assets. We have a growing citizenship and circle of friends internationally.

Our culture is our identity, to continue teaching the traditions for the good of all mankind and societies. We hold no racial decree nor create dividing lines. This way of life returns....

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Apache Community

Apache Water Fund - Community Filtration Delivery System

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Chiricahua Ndeh "The People" Apache Nation. To apply for Citizenship to the Nation please download application below:

UPDATE February 19th - 2015

Currently we are working on our citizenship Identification system. Apologize for any delays in processing citizenship requests during this time. Check regularly for updates on progress thank you. Contact the Apache Nation if you have any questions: Email

Citizenship Application for the Chiricahua Apache Nation

"Walk in Beauty"



Contact us if you are interested to assist with the

Red Paint Pow Wow - Silver City



Visit Geronimo's Memorial and the Apache Wall located at the head of Mountain Spirits Trail located in the Gila Hot Springs Community, New Mexico



A Call Home to The Chiricahua NationDos Cabezas Mountains heart and Sacred Motherlands of the Chiricahua .. Dos Cabezas Mountains Sacred Lands




"Unity Through Trade"

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