Apache Nation Cultural & Historical Organization 


"We, are Who create the Borders, We Make and uphold the Boundaries, it is We who Will remove them in a Good Way and it Will Be, for our children and those to come. The beginning Unity of the Apache Nation" 

A Non-Profit Grassroots Community. 

Founded upon "One People, of One Blood, of One Nation by Unity of the People"
"founded in the year 2000"


Our Vision Statement

The Apache Nation Cultural and Historical Organization is supporting the various social and cultural restoration efforts for the unification of the Apache Nation.  Founded upon one peoples of one nation, of the many Nde Nations since time immemorial. It is imperative for the restoration of all our cultural identities as the Ndii or mountain people. To perpetuate and distribute truthfully accurate knowledge of our history, culture, medicine, wisdom and heritage based from Our perspective Ndii, for Ndee and to all the world communities.

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