Chiricahua Apache Nde Nation

Organizational Charter


Foundation of the Chiricahua Apache Nde Nation


  1. The association of individuals and groups formed are now called the “Chiricahua Apache Nde Nation” (the “Nation”).

  2. This group is motivated by Chiricahua Apache relations both past and present, is based on the utmost mutuality of respect and solidarity of purpose among its members, and seeks to be guided by the Creator in all its endeavors.


Goals and Purpose of the Nation


  1. The Nation is to rebuild and strengthen relations among Chiricahua Apache people, wherever they are, to pursue goals and objectives common among them as do all other sovereign nations of the earth.  In particular, the purposes of the Nation are to:
    1. Develop and reestablish the Chiricahua Apache Land Base to promote the growth of our culture and traditions.
    2. Develop solidarity among the Chiricahua Apache people through continued projects such as Red Paint Pow Wow.
    3. Promote and defend Chiricahua Apache Self-Determination, Prosperity, and Culture throughout the Chiricahua ancestral territory, in a spirit of respect for the other peoples now living within that territory.
    4. Develop and reestablish the Chiricahua Apache Trade Alliances under Self-Determination and Historical Rights of Trade.
    5. Advance strategies to obtain redress for historical and ongoing grievances.
    6. Compile and disseminate, as appropriate, information about the Chiricahua Apache people and their history.




  1. The Nation’s membership is comprised of individuals and groups that share in Chiricahua Apache identity, and it is open to all such individuals and groups.  Descendents of the Chiricahua Apache people who inhabited the North American continent prior to the arrival of Europeans, and tribal or other groups that are made up of such descendents, are invited to join the Nation.




  1. The Nation is to be governed in accordance with the appropriate Chiricahua Apache customs and traditions.
  2. Decision making, insofar as possible, shall be on the basis of consensus following appropriate consultations and deliberations among the membership.


A coordinating group of four of the founding members shall jointly guide the activities of the Nation, until replaced by other qualified leadership through a decision of the Nation’s membership.  The four individuals who constitute this initial coordinating group are designated by the founding membership.




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