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Our people have been subjugated by the government of the United States for more than 150 years. At that time, we were displaced to many areas within two countries Mexico and the United States, and abroad which has culminated in the extermination process of our culture, language, way of life, native economies, and religious and ceremonial practices on our inherent sacred and historical lands. It is necessary that we, as Chiricahua, come together and return to our Ancestral homelands which encompass areas of southeastern Arizona, southwestern New Mexico and Northern Mexico into the Sierra Madres. We have been moved to areas across the United States. We now ask that the Creator gather us from these far away places to help us restore our natural form of social order and leadership recognized as a sovereign government with a governmental relationship with the United States, as our historical governing body pre-dated that of the Spanish, United States and Mexican governments.

Our ancestors loss their lives for us and as descendents of these strong and fearless yet humble people, it is now our responsibility to gather together from all directions and pray for the restoration of our Sacred Native Lands.  These land areas are now under the control of United States government as public domain land. We as Chiricahua, who are not recognized distinctively, must return to our way of life so that our posterity will not be jeopardized due to assimilation. Historically, we were herded to and fro taken from lands which held our culture and way of life at gunpoint. Even to this day we seem to be “lost” in this country having no place to call our own. It is now time to come and unify our Peoples, the Chiricahua Peoples back to our original ancestral lands which hold sacred religious and ceremonial sites, at which Chief Cochise is buried.  We must remember the treaty that was signed in 1872 by Cochise, the Chiricahua Peoples and the United States government, which guaranteed our existence in our inherent territory. Lets us gather, as a consensus and as one, the Chiricahua, and restore our lands and way of life back to us.  Let it not be another hundred years to take this important step toward the unification of our people, but let us humbly beseech Usen, Creator to guide us through this important leap to the restoration of the Chiricahua people to our entitled and original lands that were set in perfect foundation in time immemorial.  


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