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"The year 1866 saw the beginnings of the great cattle drives northward from Texas to the railroads that were being built to the west coast. This endeavor provided Civil War veterans with economic opportunity, since they sold at a profit the cattle they obtained, at practically no cost, from herds originally brought by the Spanish to Texas. Fort Bayard was born in the same year that these drives began, with the nation focusing on New Mexico's grazing lands and mineral resources. The Santa Rita copper mine has been developed more than 60 years previously, and mining continues there today. This Anglo encroachment upon Indian lands would be met with stiff Apache resistance, and Fort Bayard was established to combat the Apache threat to settlement."

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One of the many building on the Ft. Bayard compound lying adjacent to the Gila National Forest in southwestern New Mexico. 


The buildings are approximately 100 years old built shortly after the turn of the century early 1900's. The first hospital of the area stood in front of this building above but is now in ruins just beyond the tree line. 


Nurse living quarters housing staff and patience at different points in time. The building is still in use to this day with complete services.


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