The seven natural laws or principles are also known as the seven teachings of the seven grandfathers. They are the teachings of understanding, love, respect, bravery, honesty, humility and truth. When we break a spiritual law a natural consequence follows. But, when we break a man-made law punishment is what follows. Restorative Justice is more in line with natural consequences than the criminal justice system is.


Eagle feathers are sacred because of what they represent. One can come by an eagle feather in two ways. It can be found or given to you to carry for your people. It is a great honor to receive an eagle feather and a great responsibility.


The circle represents creation and is a symbol of unity. Unity is the spiritual law that binds the universe together. Our ancestors observed that everything about life is circular; the sun, moon, earth, growth rings of a tree, the bottom of our tepee, the bottom of a woman’s skirt and the movement of the seasons.

When we come together in a circle, it is a reminder that everyone’s presence is of equal importance. There are different types of circles, but all can be seen as healing since the circle promotes and supports the flow of energy in a never-ending cycle consistent with the movement of creation itself. When a restorative justice process takes place, it is done in a circle for the above-mentioned reasons.


The pipe represents peace and harmony amongst all people. It is our symbol for "justice" in Northern regions. The pipe is sacred to all First Nations people regardless of what area we come from. The pipe consists of wood and stone. Some pipes are also decorated with fur and an eagle feather. The wooden stem represents man and the stone bowl represents woman. The two are only joined together for prayer and ceremonial purposes. A man’s and a woman’s pipe is used in these areas. Tobacco is sacred to all indigenous people and is a natural herb. We use tobacco in prayer, in ceremony and in a way of respectful communications with Creator and each other. Holy sacraments tobacco and all other medicine plants are respected in this way. Tobacco was rolled in the Southern regions where traveling was a lifestyle.

Native Trade

Native Trade is the oldest form of business on this continent. Our original economies and basis to social structures of Indigenous Peoples reaching from sea to sea from the Arctic to the tip of South America. Native Trade guided and bound by the Seven Natural Laws predates all forms of commerce, the first to be taken and the first returned, genuine self sufficiency originated previous to any form of modern government, and continues to be identified and protected by U.S. Federal Law, a basis to all treaties created.  Native to Native Trade is the pillar of modern sovereignty definitions and is the foundation to emerging Native Markets.  Sovereignty, our greatest resource, is based on our Free and Fair Trade from time immemorial.

"Unity Through Trade"


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